EJ’s Custom Catering

Eric Elmer is the chef behind EJ’s Custom Catering, and has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen since he first started in the culinary field over twenty years ago at a joint called Sunshine Pizza.  Since then, he’s done nothing but flourish.  At EJ’s, you’ll find Eric cooking in the back of their stall and either his wife Michelle or daughter Hailee (and sometimes both) working the frontend of the booth.  If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of their young son Elyjah running around the market.

EJ’s offers a variety of products beyond their signature BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.  Shoppers at the Carnation Farmers Market will find a wide variety of fresh, seasonal salads that are made with locally grown vegetables (Eric’s favorite is the beet salad), along with soups and an additional entrée apart from the sandwiches.  To wash everything down, the choice is obvious: EJ’s mango berry lemonade, comprised of five healthy ingredients (mangos, lemons, berries, agave nectar and water).  Options at EJ’s spread across the board: you’ll find gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan offerings.  Eric ensures that he only puts the best ingredients in his food: he’s shooting for all organic ingredients, and is currently at about 80%.  Many of the ingredients in EJ’s dishes actually come from market, including watermelon, green onions, garlic, beets, English cucumbers, cilantro, onions and jalapeños.

EJ’s has been at the Carnation Farmers Market since 2009, which they love for its authentic small town community where the farmers actually come to market.  Eric and Michelle describe their Carnation customers as very loyal, unlike their typical fair-weather farmers’ market customers.  Eric’s favorite part his work is all the people, and at market he loves having the opportunity to make them happy.  At EJ’s, the friendly conversations you’ll have are the Elmers’ way of showing that they truly adore their customers.

Visit EJ’s Custom Catering online at www.ejscustomcatering.com.